Search Engine Marketing and Social Media in Cleveland Ohio

“I was taught the way of progress is neither swift nor easy”

Last week I had a chance to visit Cleveland, OH. I had a meetup with entrepreneur minded people who wanted to share their ideas about the modern business world. I’ve never thought that I would enjoy that business event so much. I met people from different states and different countries. Few individuals really struck me with their knowledge, passion, and energy. Joshua Brucci and Eugene (hard to spell last name, sorry Eugene) were young entrepreneurs who weren’t there to pitch their scripted lines, they were there to listen and share the advantage they have in their industries. I promised them to write a few words about them, in hopes, that more business owners will have an opportunity to meet them, and learn what to do to make their business more profitable in this amazing era of internet booming.

Joshua is going to take one year vacation in his home country Italy (lucky human being, he can afford it). Eugene owns company in Cleveland called euGenius Vision. Feel free to visit his page and send him some love – he is one amazing genuine person. When one my friend introduced me to him, I asked him what he was doing as his day job. His answer was: “I take your most valuable online property – your website, and I move it to the most luxurious place online – the first page of Google for the most competitive keywords!” At that moment, I was intrigued by his answer and asked a lot more questions about his approach. Let’s face it, we all had some problem in our life, and we wished for an immediate solution. Usually the first thing we do, we go online to search for a solution! I do. I did it too many times! What we do is we are typing a few keywords related to the type of product or service we want on our favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), and scan the first few sites that appeared. My guess is that you almost never go to the second page of the search engine results page, unless you were really desperate for that solution. Imagine if that was another customer who was interested in your product, but was not able to avail of your services because while you may have a website, it was nowhere in sight. That is where Eugene gets in the picture. His company will make sure that your website is redesigned to have the desired ranking and thus making it more visible to your possible customers. How he says: “I can also tailor it to handle a specific type of customers the business would like to get in touch with. The Internet has provided so many advantages to companies to get new clients and increase profits.” Well, that was not new to me. I was learning some ranking techniques and read a lot about Search Engine Optimization since at least 2008. Now it is 2015, there were so many different algorithm updates, I could not follow all that amount of information. Some of my friends who were in SEO industry gave up after new updates. Why? Because it takes so much time and work to follow and learn everything Google wants us to do. That is why I am so fond of Eugene. This is his life – to learn, to adapt, and to help local businesses prosper! That is why I highly recommend getting to know him (just type in Google Cleveland SEO and check if he ranks on the first page of Google) if you want better results in your business, be ahead of your competitors, and similarly, do not let your competitors get ahead of you.

The small local events like this make me believe that there are so many opportunities in this world. With Internet reaching more and more places, it is just a matter of time that most of the things in business will be happening online. I am glad that I met Joshua and Eugene who are so ahead with their vision of where entrepreneur minded people should look at! Moreover, I think we all should learn something from them, and listen to Shia LaBeouf in his viral video – “If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up! Do it!”

When it comes to discussing top 7 Facebook business marketing tips, there are a few essential aspects that should be taken into consideration. There is no doubt in the fact that Facebook is one of the most vibrant and popular social media platforms, nowadays. With ever-increasing number of users, Facebook makes for an ideal platform to undertake different marketing campaigns. Everyone from local businesses to bloggers is looking to effectively utilize Facebook to market their products and services. However, an important aspect to consider is whether or not they are using Facebook the right way to promote their business. In this article, you will be able to know about some quality Facebook marketing tips that will help you to fulfill your desired goals.

Facebook Marketing Tips

  • First, you need to ensure that you give them a reason to like you. If you want their attention, then you must give them something for free. When you inform your fans that if they like your page, then they are going to receive something special for free, it will help you to enhance your fan-base.
  • Make sure to ask them simple questions. Questions like, “what’s your favorite color?” or “what’s your favorite book?” tend to garner more attention and responses than difficult questions will. The fact that these questions attract a lot comments goes a long way in enhancing your fan-base.
  • If you ask a simple question, you should reply with a simple answer yourself. People often want to ensure that you are listening to them. The more you engage with your fans, the higher likelihood you will of garnering more attention from your fans.
  • Sharing other relevant information with your fans is important for achieving your desired marketing goals. While you are not going to promote other companies, there is no harm in talking about other items that relevant to your brand or industry you are involved in. For instance, if you sell air conditioners, then try discussing ways to improve your home. However, make sure that it is related to your brand or business.
  • Running a contest is another effective tool to realize your marketing objectives. Once again, everybody loves getting something for free. The key to this is to ensure that you reveal your plans to your fans early. You need to create a little hype to engage the audience. Also, you can create another page and direct your fans there.
  • Creating a creative splash page is another good idea. You may want to provide your fans with a creative page to look at. In case you don’t have enough time, there are sites that can create a creative splash page free of cost.
  • With that said, avoid over-marketing yourself, as it can prove counter-productive. It does not mean that you must not engage with your fans every day. It just means that you don’t have to sell to them all day long. This tip is fairly self-explanatory, and can be implemented easily.

Thus, when you are looking to market your business, make sure to incorporate these top 7 Facebook marketing tips to achieve desired results.